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✝ Justin Capra

✝ Justin Capra

honorary Mentor in Inventics

“I don’t want anymore the classical approach of the horse study. I want something else! I’ve never met the absolute truth; I met just references, conjunctures and relativity. The only truth I believe in is the Divine Truth. The spirit, however, doesn’t have crises, the spiritualist doesn’t analyze the Divine multidimensionality, it considers it as a postulate, that’s why the spiritual science is interferential and centripetal and doesn’t have side-effects. There is though one path: the spiritual evolution, The Christian evolution, because love, respect and tolerance solve all the problems. “ (Justin Capra)

Justin Capra, aeronautical engineer, is one of the most important Romanian inventors.

In 2012, Justin Capra was invited to interact with gifted children at Centrul Gifted Education in the series “Dialogues with Mentors” where tens of gifted children participated along the way. Justin Capra dialogued so openly and authentically, to open the minds and gifts and sparkle the interest for science in the hearts and minds of youth, as well as to fuel the love to be Romanian. The interaction is memorable, as you can see below. No television in Romania has a track record of a dialogue between Justin Capra and children, let alone gifted children. With this video, we have a memory that will always be in our hearts. On this occasion, Justin Capra was invited to become our Amabassador for gifted children, and he accepted. 

+ In memoriam: Justin Capră – a life dedicated to science and to the education of young gifted minds from Romania

He built in 1995 the two wheels automobile which he named Virgilius, the first certified invention, – equipped with an airplane engine, of 105 HP, the vehicle could reach 300km/h and weighted 250 kg. In 1956 he created the first version of the “jet pack”, and invention which was stolen and certified by Americans, 7 years later. The jet pack was used by the astronauts in their extra-vehicular activities.

Among his numerous inventions is also the vertical take-off and landing aerodyne (1968), an individual jet with liquid nitrogen, a vehicle with fluid body car (1966-1968), a miniature car (the smallest car in the world) with a low fuel consumption (the Soleta F model), and helicopter without propellers, wings and jet, which was admired by Henri Coanda.

Awards and honors:

  • Arca Award for his entire career
  • Ifia Eco Award (Geneva, 2008) for the best Green Invention
  • Eureca Gold Medal Diploma for Electric of hybrid tricycle (as well as Marian Velcea)
  • The International Exhibitions of Inventions of Geneva Diploma
  • The National Order of Merit, the rank of Chevalier (Knight) – 2008- Bucharest
  • Dan Voiculescu Award of 300.000 RON(2008)
  • Gold Medal at the International Fair of Inventions, “Pro Invent” (2009- Cluj-Napoca)