Leonardo Gifted School is partner or member of: COBIS - Council of British International Schools, ECHA - European Council for High Ability, WCGTC - World Council for Gifted and Talented Children, AERO - Alternative Education Resource Organization, BPLUSA - Big Picture Learning Design USA, University of Bucharest - Faculty of Phychology and Educational Sciences, University of Connecticut - Neag School of Education, Simon Fraser University - Faculty of Education

Ramona Paduraru

Ramona Paduraru

Director of Education

Ramona is a Sociologist  who graduated at Sociology – Organizational Management at the University of Bucharest – with ERASMUS scholarship 2007- Denmark, Viborg (Animation as a learning tool– pedagogical module), certified as trainer of trainers in 2006, certified in 2007 in Outdoor Education with Outdoor Bounds, Sovata, Romania, certified in 2011 as Camps Animator- Straja, Romania, guided in gifted education by Florian Colceag starting in 2008 to present, certified in 2014 for continuous professional development in teaching gifted and talented children by ICEP Europe – Ireland.

She gained her experience in working within gifted education as volunteer at IRSCA Gifted Education as director of youth programs. Her 1st success was “YES, I assume it”- 2009 an European program organized for youngsters to be integrated on the labor market with Youth in Action funds,  than she enlarged her experience by designing and delivering summer camp programs for kids 7- 13 years old (2010- 2014, more than 10 camps). Her expertize comes from European methods and a genuine approach from Olde Vechte Foundation- Synergy and multimedia trainings, and outdoor education- Latvia.

Nothing can compare with “hands-on” education. So she joined us since 2010 as trainer and specialist on indoor and outdoor team-buildings and with 2013 she has taken the role of Master trainer and curriculum designer within the Academic Program for gifted children.

Starting with the inception of Leonardo Gifted School, Ramona coordinated  the curriculum in such a way to develop the cognitive and emotional intelligence of the child by involving the best attitude and skills of the teachers and trainers, engaging the support of the psychologists, investing international methods of learning in gifted education and adding the joy and passion of young volunteers. The result is an adaptive curriculum especially created for gifted children. More than that, she succeeded on flexibility as a central point of focus-  in such a way as to individualize the learning approach for each pupil.

“I understood that the work with a child is a responsible, provocative and full of joy commitment. It is not something to be done between other activities, it is a full time job with extra hours. Once you get involved, you can’t stop! The thousands of possibilities of how to create and develop the learning environment for a gifted child is like the colors for a painter- fascinating!

A child with high abilities can find at Leonardo Gifted School a place where you can discover who you are, the values of being a Creator (initiative, inspiration, determination, passion and love),  methods of how to gain your own autonomy in learning, knowledge about the world, a safety emotional context where you find the joy of the multitude of possibilities of building your own character.

International methods of teaching and working with kids, education in nature “leave no trace” “fito-therapy and power of plants” “breathing and relaxing in nature” (how to work with nature in order to respect it and to have the excellent benefits of it), multimedia and technological communication, workshops for children and the parents, inspirational days with remarkable people – these and many others make Leonardo Gifted School a wanted place both for teachers and pupils.