Leonardo Gifted School is partner or member of: COBIS - Council of British International Schools, ECHA - European Council for High Ability, WCGTC - World Council for Gifted and Talented Children, AERO - Alternative Education Resource Organization, BPLUSA - Big Picture Learning Design USA, University of Bucharest - Faculty of Phychology and Educational Sciences, University of Connecticut - Neag School of Education, Simon Fraser University - Faculty of Education

More about COBIS


COBIS represents the Council of British International Schools, the Premier Association for British Schools Overseas.

COBIS is registered as COBIS UK Ltd and is a not-for-profit organisation. It has developed into one of the most effective and active organisations for BSOs globally. It exists to serve, support and represent its member schools – their leaders, governors, staff and students. Membership is open globally to British international schools of quality.

Our COBIS Candidate Membership means that within three years COBIS ‘Members’ are expected to commit to an Inspection carried out by one of the six Department for Education (UK) approved Inspectorates under the British schools overseas (BSO) inspection framework. Further details are available at www.education.gov.uk. * ‘Candidate Schools’ (aspiring ‘Members’) are those whose plans to open meet COBIS standards. They must satisfy COBIS criteria for planning a new school.


More about the terms used:

British: Schools recognized by COBIS are – regardless of their name – distinctively British. They offer a curriculum (learning programs and assessments) wholly or substantially similar to those current in the United Kingdom; and they express a philosophy of education with those enriching features for which British education is renowned worldwide (including for example teaching that develops knowledge and also the skills of lifelong learning, encouragement of self-discipline, care for the development of the whole individual, and opportunities to develop talents in co-curricular activities). School leaders, teachers and support staff in our schools are trained or work in the British tradition.

International: British International schools in membership not only educate children of many different nationalities and operate in all parts of the world – but are also proud actively to promote international understanding.

Schools: COBIS Schools offer full-time education to children between the ages of 2-18 years. They may vary in their age range (including the early, primary and secondary years), and in their ownership (from not-for-profit foundations to private enterprises). Whatever the case, they are expected to satisfy our defined standards of ethical conduct and good governance.

Of Quality: COBIS admits into membership only schools which meet the high quality standards defined by us and either expressed in the overseas standards published by the British government, proven through inspection, or assured though internationally proven systems for school improvement. Full details of membership requirements can be found on our website.