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Do you have a gifted child?

List of behaviours

How do you recognize if your child is gifted? From this list of behaviours it is sufficient if your child shows one or more:

  • Your child shows unusual curiosity?
  • Your child often gets bored at school, getting his teachers angry because of asking too many questions and having too much energy?
  • Your child is hungry for knowledge?
  • Your child has no patience with routine procedures and automatic work?
  • Your child is very diligent in the areas of interest?
  • Your child is hyper energetic?
  • Your child is very creative?
  • Your child has a tendency to challenge authority?
  • Your child rather takes good marks only at the subjects she likes or for which she has a passion?
  • Your child constantly has results below expectations although sometimes she ‘shoots’ a high mark – but without explanation?
  • Your child does not show all her skills in school but is highly proficient just outside of school?
  • Your child asks penetrating questions particularly at the level of causes and reasons?
  • Your child finds pleasure in intellectual activity?
  • Your child likes structure, order and consistency?
  • Your child shows virtuosity and has many hobbies?
  • Your child has strong memory and develops areas of interest and quickly masters concepts
    and basic skills?
  • Your child has a high spirit of justice and knows well what is good and what is bad?
  • Your child is extremely sensitive?
  • Your child does not stand fights, chaos, injustice and to see injury applied to her colleagues?
  • Your child prefers the company of older people with whom she likes to develop conversations?
  • Your child is more mature spiritually than the biological age?
  • Your child thinks outside her own self?
  • Your child shows high intensity of feelings?
  • Your child uses a rich and appropriate (when used) vocabulary?
  • Your child is interested in what is good or bad, just or unjust?
  • Your child learns quickly?
  • Your child can focus her attention for a long time?
  • Your child has a sensitive soul? Shows compassion for others?
  • Your child is a perfectionist?
  • Your child has moral sensitivity?