Leonardo Gifted School is partner or member of: COBIS - Council of British International Schools, ECHA - European Council for High Ability, WCGTC - World Council for Gifted and Talented Children, AERO - Alternative Education Resource Organization, BPLUSA - Big Picture Learning Design USA, University of Bucharest - Faculty of Phychology and Educational Sciences, University of Connecticut - Neag School of Education, Simon Fraser University - Faculty of Education



We are an International British school for highly gifted children. In January 2015 we have been offered from the COBIS Board (COBIS – The Council of British International Schools) the COBIS Candidate School status. This includes us in the in the large family of quality British International Schools.

We have also applied for school functioning authorisation from ARACIP, part of the Ministry of Education.

COBIS is a representative of the British Government and other international governing bodies which verifies quality assurance of our school’s approach, curriculum and overall management. In order to maintain this status and credentials, we follow specific rules and regulations. We pursue them in order to offer children and parents the best possible experience. All our teachers have been involved in teaching for years. We are using the National Curriculum of England and Wales as the core curriculum and educational foundation for our children  – a sound, mature, international curriculum to give them a global view on the subjects and to open doors later. The curriculum is recognized by universities worldwide and is an evidence of academic soundness and ability. The National Curriculum of England and Wales has been the result of a consistent work of the Department of Education, in United Kingdom, based on its numerous years of studies and on constant, yearly update, to respond to the needs of children. The curriculum is adapted to Romanian children as well; we will also teach the Romanian geography, History, Grammar and Literature.

Small Steps Strategy

Leonardo Gifted School serves the needs of highly intelligent children. In Oct 2016 we start as a primary gifted school (6 to 12 years). We will also develop a secondary school (to KS3, 11-14 and KS4, 14-16) and then later, as we go further with our development, a college. Our strategy includes building a campus, for which we have already contacted a house of Architects to develop a plan – to fundraise among corporations – and here you can make a difference.

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What is next? What can your child do after the school ends?

Leonardo Gifted School is a school exclusively dedicated to highly gifted children. This is a tremendous chance for a child to learn in an environment which respects from the start the special needs of the child and supports the child in developing an autonomous being, an independent thinker and a healthy emotional behaviour. This is the right kind of school for a gifted child.


More about COBIS

COBIS represents the Council of British International Schools, the Premier Association for British Schools Overseas. COBIS is registered as COBIS UK Ltd and is a not for profit organisation. It has developed into one of the most effective and active organisations for BSOs globally. It exists to serve, support and represent its member schools; their leaders, governors, staff and students. Membership is open globally to British international schools of quality.

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