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12 Signs

Here you find a list of traits that a gifted child shows. For a richer list please click here. If you are a parent of a child who shows some of these traits then you might have a gifted child who would benefit from our school. Click on each item to find out more about that cluster information.

1. Advanced development

2. Early Intellectual Development

3. Persistent curiosity

4. Rapid learning and imagination

5. Sense of humor

6. High level of energy

7. High Sensitivity and High Emotional Intensity

8. Uneven Development

9. Keen skills of observation and individuality

10. Importance of adults and preference for older people

11. Perfectionism

12. Strong sense of morality and justice

  • Easily bored because not much challenge is offered
  • Advanced vocabulary and language usage
  • Starting talking, reading or walking and showing high levels of energy and attention span early in life
  • Sometimes early reading, talking, or writing without formal teaching.

  • Excellent memory
  • Accurate recall of events, people, or details
  • They can easily acquire knowledge and make connections between disparate concepts, showing amazing understanding beyond usual.
  • High abstract reasoning
  • Early consciousness, early spiritual development and avid perception
  • High self-awareness
  • Extreme insightfulness

  • Insatiable appetite for learning.
  • They ask more questions, more penetrant questions, and are interested in what is profound, the meaning of life and death

  • Masters concepts easily and is ready to “move on”
  • Ability to make great mental leaps
  • Love to learn, novelty is important. They are unstoppable to learn new things all the time
  • Preference for complexity

  • Sees humor in situations at an early age
  • Sophisticated sense of humor and understands sophisticated humor


  • Amazing amounts of energy with reduced need for sleep because they put it into a purpose.
  • Also, unlike hyperactivity, a gifted child may have a long attention span when they find something of particular interest

  • Passionate about certain areas of interest
  • Passion for justice
  • Are able to suffer for injustice, to take things literally, to feel overloaded with impressions, to have special insights into death, and the life of animals, or nature; they show unusual sense of critique on their side, and they suffer very much when they hear about disasters and when overloaded, may become introverted and withdrawn.
  • Very intuitive
  • Acute awareness of others and their feelings

  • While they can have extraordinary insights into, for example, the scientific nature of things, they are very candid about people’s imperfections, or nature of human character. They face asyncronous development – where there is often a large gap between their mental, social, physical and emotional development.

  • Likes to watch and understand before participating
  • They learn in their own peculiar ways, using their unconventional methods, developed through inner insight or personal observations
  • Show special excitabilities – they need special conditions when reading, taking a bath, or they want a special routine which is personal and if shown a strict attitude, this can lead to great frustrations and even breakdown
  • They know when they are right, and they are very keen on observing the rules, promises, general codes of conduct and also, applying them literally
  • Ability to sense authentic verus unauthentic people

  • Chooses to be with older kids or adults

  • Likes to do things correctly the first time
  • Has a tendency to have high self-expectations

  • Strives for fairness
  • Compassionate