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The standard education does not fit your bright child needs? 

In our school every child learns at his very own speed and has an individual educational plan.

Our priority is balancing the emotional, social and intelligence quotient of you child, so he can enjoy school and life.

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For Whom is Leonardo?

Every child has unique training needs and there are a lot of great schools for them in Romania.

Leonardo is for the gifted children between 3 and 12 y.o. who cannot perform at their true value in the existing schools. We understand that gifted children first need a proper balance between their high IQ (over 130) and their EQ (usually lower than the IQ) and then they will be able to perform at their own speed.

Leonardo is for the gifted children who are currently looking for alternatives to the standard education. We know how to make learning interesting, full of joy and really effective.

Is your child gifted? Here are 12 signs.
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WHY Leonardo?

We are committed to make your child happy by learning, using innovative teaching methods.

Here is how:
* the children are drivers, and the teachers are facilitators because we follow the perspective of the children. So children are fully involved in the learning process.

* 4+ learning specialists working in the same time with a group of 15 pupils
because the gifted children need full attention and learn at different speed

* Enrichment and Kinest
Enrichment gives your child the chance to experiment exactly what he wants to explore
3 sessions of Kinest every day; this will balance brain hemispheres and develop body

* An Individual Educational Plan per child is closely followed by the Director of Education
because every child is responsilble to learn at the minimum every subject, but he can
easily out-perform in several fields of interest

Leonardo is a Romanian school (with a focus on English for Cambridge Primary tests), using differentiated teaching strategies which uniquely support the needs of gifted children. We create individualised curriculum, we use The William & Mary Curriculum for Gifted, we use at our choice multiple curriculums, such as the National British Curriculum (audited by COBIS) as well as the Cambridge Pathway.
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What Do Children Achieve?

Our mission is to prepare your child to be ready for the role of an inspirational leader, to be committed, respectful towards nature and the human environment, to challenge his/her abilities in solving complex problems and to spread joy in anything he/she achieves.

Improve EQ
* how to take decisions
* team work & more

Use at true value their IQ

* how to think outside the box (De Bono‘s lessons)
* divergent thinking (generate creative ideas by exploration) & more

Long term
Autonomy in the learning process
Increased self-esteem 

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School Timeline

16 September: estimated school opening
ongoing – 15 June : applications are open (8 stages of selection)



Admission Process

(children 3 – 12 y.o.; also fits for admission into the Academic Program)
8 Step Selection

Step 1: IQ test, WISC IV / SON-R international test
Step 2: Emotional Development and Personality Evaluation with Psychologist
Step 3: Interview of the Parents with the Psychologist and Counsellor

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School Location

School opens in September in a true palace „Conacul Golescu Grant”, 64 Aleea Ţibleş, Bucureşti. The palace also offers 5000 sqm of courtyard comprising a generous green garden, a playground and a sports yard. This will offer the so necessary space needed for children to interact with the nature, and stay in the nature which is so important for a balanced, happy child.



Who Are We?

Monica Gheorghiu, MBA linkedin

14 years experience with gifted education, Monica is Leonardo‘s CEO.
As the Project manager of Centrul Gifted Education, she contributed significanty to defining the first and only Romanian law on the special needs of gifted children, Law 17/2007. Mensa UK member, past Vicepresident and Project Manager of IRSCA Gifted Education.



We have the highest expertise in working with gifted and their families in Romania. Throughout the past 14 years we accumulated more than 4000 hours of direct work with the gifted children, more than 2000 children IQ tested at international standards and more than 330 children graduated the organization’s weekend academic program.


Florian Colceag, PhD

International expert in gifted education supports Leonardo Gifed School and will be one of the mentors

Florian Colceag, also named „the geniuses‘ coach“, owns a PhD in economics, a world record of 84 medals at international maths contests with the students he trained, specialist in math modling theories, member of Club of Rome

Our Mentors

(authentic personalities, teachers of Enrichment classes)

Up and Running Educational Projects

by Centrul Gifted Education
(great ways to interact with the mentors of Leonardo Gifted Schol)

Gifted Family Camp
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Academic Program School of Excellence
(weekend program for gifted children, Oct – May)
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What Parents Say about Our Up and Running Programs

(Academic Program, Bright Summer School and Gifted Family Camp)

“The most important thing Stefan learned at this school is how to analyze a situation and make a decision. My boy gets in contact easier with other children.”



“Horia had a significant evolution. He learnt especially tolerance and acceptance of others. Language development is one of the most important skills developed.”


“I have learnt to listen to my child and how to better communicate from child to parent and vice versa. He works much better and is more responsible.