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Sun Landscape


Sun Landscape

£480.00 £400.00

“I am very Happy to Donate for This cause to assist and elevate Gifted Children. My painting “Sun Landscape” is an acrylic on canvas painting with a metal Frame. It was inspired by the reflection of the sun in Blue and green water near a Sand Bar with a Blue Moon in the Far Right Corner. Best wishes for your Fundraising.” Mary Nash – July, 2009

Why should you buy it?

The painting has been donated for the construction of the first School for Gifted Children in Romania.  You shall become a founder of the school, by buying this donated art through the largest-ever art donation to a non-profit cause in Romania which was realized through the efforts of International Association of Contemporary Art – «d.fleiss & east west artists» – Stuttgart (Germania), lead by international artist, Dorothea Fleiss.


Additional Information

Donated Art

Mary Nash




Acryl on canvas


20×25 cm


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