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Dorothea Fleiss


Dorothea Fleiss

£900.00 £750.00

“I think cultural values are all the more harder to assimilate by our society, a society where consumerism has occupied by force, one by one, all frequencies that could resonate with artistic creation. From here prompted the revolver in my painting – a leitmotiv born from self-defense of the artist’s attitude towards the consumerism aggression to which she is exposed every day, on the dark streets or in the spotlight through the media or in the daily interaction with the others. ” – Cuzina, 2009

Why should you buy it?

The painting has been donated for the construction of the first School for Gifted Children in Romania.  You shall become a founder of the school, by buying this donated art through the largest-ever art donation to a non-profit cause in Romania which was realized through the efforts of International Association of Contemporary Art – «d.fleiss & east west artists» – Stuttgart (Germania), lead by international artist, Dorothea Fleiss.

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Donated Art

Dorothea Fleiss




Oil on paper




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